Welcome to the TFS Database Import Service for Visual Studio Team Services Preview Questionnaire
Really glad to hear you are interested in the  preview of importing your Team Foundation Server database into Visual Studio Team Services!  We have a few questions for you and then we'll reach out to you with invitation codes to use when queuing new imports.  If you have not downloaded the Migration Guide, you can find it at https://aka.ms/TFSDataImport.

By the way, we take your privacy seriously.  You can find out more at: https://privacy.microsoft.com
What is your name? *

Awesome, {{answer_28202037}}! What company are you representing who is interested in importing your TFS database into Visual Studio Team Services? *

The TFS Database Import Service only supports the latest and next latest release of TFS including updates.  At this time, that would be TFS 2017 Update 2 and TFS 2017 Update 1.

Please continue with the questionnaire.  The Migration Guide (https://aka.ms/TFSImportData) has information in Phase 3 about the different upgrade paths available for TFS.
How many users do you have currently in your TFS server? *

Which Azure Datacenter do you intend to choose for your Visual Studio Team Services account? *

Does your company have Azure Active Directory setup for authenticating your team members? *

If you have Office 365, you more than likely have an AAD tenant that is synchronized with your Active Directory environment.  You can find out more about synchronizing an AAD tenant with your on-premises Active Directory environment in Phase 2 of the migration guide and https://aka.ms/AzureADConnect. Synchronization will be required for using the TFS Database Import Service.
The TFS Database Import Service currently only supports importing TFS databases with an associated identity map between Active Directory and Azure Active Directory users.

Please continue with the questionnaire.  The Migration Guide (https://aka.ms/TFSImportData) has information in Phase 2 to help you setup the synchronization of your Active Directory on-premises environment with an Azure Active Directory tenant.
Do you use Git repositories for your version control in TFS? *

Does your company use the task based Release Management feature in TFS? *

The Import Service team is currently working on ensuring Release Management data gets included with all imports. Would you like to participate in a preview of Release Management for import?

What collation are your TFS team project collection databases using? *

There are a few ways to find out the collation of a SQL database.  This article gives a few options:  https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh230914.aspx.

Currently, we only support migrations for collections using one of the two collations listed below.  If you select "Other", please let us know what collation you are using to help us prioritize which additional collations we'll invest in supporting.  We might be able to reach out to you about the possibility of trying out the import with your collection database.

Are you working with anyone to help you with your migration? *

If you have not found someone to help you, you can reach out to your Microsoft Reseller, Microsoft Developer Solution Sales Specialist, or the DevOps Partner website for options:  https://aka.ms/FindDevOpsPartner.

That's great!  Who are you working with?

Please provide the name of the company, the name of the person you are working with, and their e-mail address.
What is your ideal target date for importing your TFS database into Visual Studio Team Services? *

Do you have any additional information you want to share with us or questions about importing your TFS SQL database into Visual Studio Team Services?

Are you working with a Microsoft DevOps Partner, Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Consulting Services, Microsoft Premier Support, etc. to help you with the migration?

Thanks for the info, {{answer_28202037}}!  We will be reaching out shortly.  In the meantime, please download the Migration Guide to help you with next steps.
download the migration guide
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